How to add Photos in my secure vault

Mobile security private web offers you a secure vault where you can store your private photos. Your photos are stored in a secured manner on your device and any attempt to extract the photos would fail due to the protection provided by PIN backed by a security question. The vault is secure with the PIN code you create to unlock the Vault.

1- Tap Vault from the home screen.

2- If you have set up the PIN code already then you will be asked to enter the PIN to open the vault.

3- If you have not setup your PIN already then you will be asked to create a PIN. Remember your PIN as this would be used to unlock your vault as well as kill the buzzer in the anti-theft feature.

4- Once you have created a PIN or entered the PIN you already had then you will see the Vault screen.

5- Tap on the "+" icon and enter the name to create a new album.

6- Once the album is created, tap to enter the album. To add photos to your newly created album, tap the + icon on the screen. You will be asked to allow the Mobile Security app to access the photo library. This permission is required only once. Tap to allow access to the photo albums. 

7- You can now choose the photos you want to add to your secure vault. Once you have selected the photos, they are copied from your device photo library to Mobile Security albums.

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