How to use activate anti-theft for motion detection?

Often we have to put our cell phones idle at places, when we are dinning, in meetings, traveling, etc. We lose cell phones when we get unaware of their presence. Anti-Theft Alarm for motion detection is a way to keep yourself aware of your phone's presence.   

1- Select Anti-Theft from the home screen.

2- Anti-Theft screen opens up.

3- Tap Motion from the options to open up an alert dialogue. 

4- If you are activating any Anti-Theft alarm for the first time then you will be asked to set up a PIN in the first place. The creation of a PIN is two steps process, first, create a PIN and then re-enter the PIN to confirm.

5- Once the PIN created, tap on Motion screen again

6- Keep the phone still and tap "Activate" on alert. The PIN screen will be displayed. An alarm will buzz off when the phone detects any motion. The buzzer can be deactivated by putting in the PIN code you created in step 4.

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